Avoiding Spam Comments on your WordPress Blog

Stop spam comments on wordpress

There is nothing more irritating than the heartbreak of discovering that all of the comments that have been left on your blog are actually nothing more than spam from bots and people who are trying to create backlinks to their websites.

There are ways within the settings on WordPress that you can make it more difficult for people to leave spam comments that are seen by the public by setting it so that certain words are blacklisted, or making it so that you have to authorise all of the comments that are posted before they are shown on the site. Unfortunately this can cause you an awful lot of work and you can end up having to go through and authorise or trash hundreds of comments a day.

I usually will just opt to disable wordpress comments completely and install Facebook comments instead. To stop people being able to add comment click on settings, followed by discussion. The first thing you’ll see on the discussion options is the default article settings and the third option in this category is Allow People To Post Comments On New Articles. Make sure this box is unchecked and then save your settings. To do this you can install this facebook comments plugin. There are loads of other options if you would prefer to use another, just use the search tool in the add plugins section of your dashboard.


When you’re on the Facebook comments settings page all you will see is mostly to allow you to customise the way your facebook comments look. The most important thing is the App ID box at the top.

To get your app ID go to developers.facebook.com and in the top right corner click the box that says Create App. A box will pop up asking you what name you want to use for your app and to confirm your email address is correct. Go through this procedure and click ok and you’re taken to a page showing you all of the the different Facebook apps you can create.

You don’t need to deal with any of this because you have the plugin, so all you need is the app id for the account name you’ve just created and this is visible in the top left corner of the page. Simply click is to copy is and paste it in the App ID section of the Facebook Comments settings in your WordPress dashboard. Then customise your comments box so that they fit in with your site.

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