Easily Earn $50 Over and Over again

There are a lot of referral schemes out there that pay you, but this is the single best one that I have found in the six years that I have been using the internet to make money.

How does Level Rewards Work?

Level Rewards pays you for referring other people to their website when those users complete offers.

As per the name, your membership goes up in levels. You start at level 0. As soon as you get to level 1 you can then earn $5 for every person you refer to that website who also gets to level 1. Getting to level 1 is really easy as they provide plenty of free offers that you can complete.

So, for every level that you increase, so does the money that you receive for referrals. If you get to level 2, and you refer someone, and that person gets to level 1, you will still get $5. When the person you referred gets to level 2 you will receive another $5. That’s $10 in total.

The best thing about this site is that the increase never ends. You get to level 10 and someone you refer gets to level 10, then you get $50. Then you get to level 20 and someone you refer gets to level 20, that’s $100.

You won’t get any money for levels your referrals reach if they are a higher level than you.

The best thing about Level Rewards is that there is (at the time of writing) one offer that will take you straight to level 10. It’s not a free offer, but for me it’s been worth every penny that I spent.  When you register it’s definitely worth choosing offers that will get you to higher levels faster.

There are plenty of free offers available so you can level up without spending a penny.

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Earn $50 Over and Over


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