Spreadshirt, Teespring or Teemill? Which is the best T-shirt design platform

Which is the best T-shirt design company

So, you’re thinking about starting a T-shirt business?

But aren’t sure which platform is right for you? Here we will look at three of the biggest companies that allow you to design and sell your own products through their website and look at the pro’s and cons of each of them.


Spreadshirt allows you to put your designs on T-shirts, Hoodies, Jackets, Vests, Underwear, Jogging Bottoms, Leggings, Baby clothes, hats, caps, umbrellas, badges, phone cases, bandannas, bags, mugs, aprons, pillow cases, teddies, coasters, water bottles and mouse mats.

They allow you to sell on their marketplace and in your own shop that you can create through them.

You can also get the Spreadshirt WordPress plugin that allows you to upload your products onto you own website. The user stays on your site until they click to checkout, and then on checkout they will be taken to the Spreadshirt site.

When it comes to pricing, you set the design price. So, each product has a price set by Spreadshirt. You then add on a price for the fact it has you design on it, ranging from between £0 – £10. There is VAT payable on the design price, so for every £1 you charge you will lose 20p to VAT.

To add the designs you simply upload your image and place it on the product within the designated print area.

With spreadshirt you can create an unlimited number of designs and products, which is also a great bonus.


  • Set your own price per design up to £10
  • Unlimited number of designs for your shop
  • Wide range of products
  • Integrates with your own website
  • Allows you to organise your shop by design


  • You can’t create designs directly on their site, they have to be uploaded
  • Limited to £10 profit per item (although charging much more than this probably won’t bag you many sales anyway)


Teemill allows you to add your designs to T-shirts

To add your designs to T-shirts, Hoodies, Jumpers, vests and tote bags, so there are considerably less products than on spreadshirt. The designing, however, is a lot easier. You don’t need to have a design to upload (although you can if you want to).  But Teemill allows you to design T-shirts on their website using a selection of pre-made image designs and a text editor.

If all you want is slogans on your t-shirts, then this is fantastic, and really simple to use.

Currently you can’t link Teemill to your WordPress or Shopify Store, but there is nothing to stop you taking orders on your own store and then ordering them yourself through teemill and sending them to your customer. You could also (as with all of these websites) buy your own domain and have it re-direct to your T-shirt store.

To use some of Teemill’s features you have to upgrade and pay £10 a month. This allows you to add designs to the back of a shirt, create up to 500 products instead of 15, customise your packaging, get a .com domain and set your own prices.

With each T-shirt you will make £4.50 profit, unless you pay the monthly fee to set your prices, then you can charge more.


  • Decent Design software on the site


  • Limited to £4.50 profit per item
  • Limited number of designs unless you pay monthly subscription
  • Doesn’t integrate with your own site
  • Less products than it’s competitors


Teespring boast of an unlimited range that allows you to sell anything. They do offer a vast range of products that as well as T-shirts, vests, jumpers and hoodies, includes wall tapestry’s, cushions, posters, phone cases, beach towels, stickers, canvas’s, mugs, socks, tote bags, backpacks and leggings. If there is anything you want to customize that they don’t stock then you can contact them and they will help to source the product.

Although their range of products is good, they don’t have as many options as Spreadshirt, although they do offer some great products that Spreadshirt don’t such as the fleece blankets and canvas’s.

With Teespring you can design your products on the site or upload designs. The on site design software isn’t as good as teemills, but it does the job.

One of the best things about Teespring is that you can set your prices to whatever you like.  The price of a hoodie is automatically set at $44.99 but you can change this. However, even at their prices you are instantly getting a $16 profit.

Once you’ve created your design you have the option to add it to other products and your first listing is created. From there you can go to storefronts and create your online store and add your products to it, but unlike spreadshirt, it doesn’t seem to allow you to organise the products by design on the home page.

You can integrate Teemill with your Youtube channel, so people can buy your products through YouTube.


  • Loads of products
  • Set your own prices
  • Design on their site (and upload if you want to)
  • Integrates with Youtube


  • Can’t display items in shop by design, it just shows all products.

Both Teespring and Spreadshirt are way ahead of Teemill with what they offer, unless you’re prepared to pay the extra £10 a month. If you’ve got a ready made audience to sell your products to then it might be worth doing this, however, it doesn’t change the extremely limited number of products Teemill have in comparison to the other two companies.

If you set up your own T-shirt design shop with any of these websites then let us know in the comments below how you got on.


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