Start an Online Affiliate Store

WordPress and WooCommerce make it simple to start your own online store, but there is nothing to say you need to have stock to sell yourself.

To set up an affiliate shop all you need to do is add the product to your website, write your product description and do everything as if you were setting up a normal eCommerce store, and then just link the Add to Cart button to your affiliate link so that when the viewer clicks on it they will be taken through to another website to purchase the product.

Thisiswhyimbroke and shutupandtakemymoney are great examples of this. Both of these sites advertise a vast array of wacky and wonderful gift ideas, but you can target any niche that you choose. Do you have a passion for photography? Your site could be for cameras and photography equipment. Fancy owning a book shop? Then do it. There are no limits on what you can use your site to sell.

Setting up a shop to sell affiliate products

You can find affiliate programs everywhere that you can sign up to to promote other business’s products.

I’ve created a list of affiliate networks here.

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