Write for Cracked.com

Write for Cracked
Write for Cracked
Write comedy articles for Cracked.com

Cracked is without doubt one of the best opportunities out there for writers with a sense of humour. The site takes all kinds of articles, and most of them are those viral list thingamyjigs that you see all over facebook. The difference with Cracked is that they like high quality, hilarious content. You can sign up on Cracked.com for free and you can even log in with Facebook to make it a whole lot easier.

Once you’ve signed up, head over to the writers forums and submit a pitch for the article you want to write. If they accept your pitch it’s an immediate $100 payment. Once complete they’ll give you another $100. If the article is successful they’ll pay you another $100. There have been plenty of writers on Cracked who have started off writing part time and ended up with a full time job.


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